Creating a cluster with Flink - Amazon EMR
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Creating a cluster with Flink

You can launch a cluster with the Amazon Web Services Management Console, Amazon CLI, or an Amazon SDK.

To launch a cluster with Flink from the Amazon CLI
  • Create the cluster with the following command:

    aws emr create-cluster --release-label emr-7.0.0 \ --applications Name=Flink \ --configurations file://./configurations.json \ --region us-east-1 \ --log-uri s3://myLogUri \ --instance-type m5.xlarge \ --instance-count 2 \ --service-role EMR_DefaultRole_V2 \ --ec2-attributes KeyName=MyKeyName,InstanceProfile=EMR_EC2_DefaultRole \ --steps Type=CUSTOM_JAR,Jar=command-runner.jar,Name=Flink_Long_Running_Session,\ Args=flink-yarn-session,-d

    Linux line continuation characters (\) are included for readability. They can be removed or used in Linux commands. For Windows, remove them or replace with a caret (^).