Amazon EventBridge schemas - Amazon EventBridge
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Amazon EventBridge schemas

A schema defines the structure of events that are sent to EventBridge. EventBridge provides schemas for all events that are generated by Amazon services. You can also create or upload custom schemas or infer schemas directly from events on an event bus. Once you have a schema for an event, you can download code bindings for popular programming languages and speed up development. You can work with code bindings for schemas and manage schemas from the EventBridge console, by using the API, or directly in your IDE by using the Amazon toolkits. To build serverless apps that use events, use Amazon Serverless Application Model.


When using the input transformer feature, the original event is inferred by schema discovery, not the transformed event that's sent to the target.

EventBridge supports both OpenAPI 3 and JSONSchema Draft4 formats.

For Amazon Toolkit for JetBrains and Amazon Toolkit for VS Code, you can browse or search for schemas and download code bindings for schemas directly in your IDE.

The following video gives an overview of schemas and schema registries:

Schema registry API property value masking

Some property values of events that are used to create a schema registry may contain sensitive customer information. To protect the customer's information, the values will be masked with asterisks (*). Because we're masking these values, EventBridge recommends not building applications that explicitly depend on the following properties or their values:

  • CreateSchema – The Content property of the requestParameters body

  • GetDiscoveredSchema – The Events property of the requestParameters body and the Content property of the responseElements body

  • SearchSchemas – The keywords property of the requestParameters

  • UpdateSchema – The Content property of the requestParameters