Deleting your hardware appliance - Amazon Storage Gateway
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Deleting your hardware appliance

After you activate your hardware appliance in your Amazon account, you might have a need to move and activate it in a different Amazon account. In this case, you first delete the appliance from the Amazon account and activate it in another Amazon account. You might also want to delete the appliance completely from your Amazon account because you no longer need it. Follow these instructions to delete your hardware appliance.

To delete your hardware appliance
  1. If you have installed a gateway on the hardware appliance, you must first remove the gateway before you can delete the appliance. For instructions on how to remove a gateway from your hardware appliance, see Removing gateway software from a hardware appliance.

  2. On the Hardware page of the Storage Gateway console, choose the hardware appliance you want to delete.

  3. For Actions, choose Delete Appliance. The confirmation dialog box appears.

  4. Verify that you want to delete the specified hardware appliance, then type the word delete in the confirmation box and choose Delete.

    When you delete the hardware appliance, all resources associated with the gateway that is installed on the appliance are deleted, but the data on the hardware appliance itself is not deleted.