Configure Local Groups for your gateway - Amazon Storage Gateway
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Configure Local Groups for your gateway

Local Group settings allow you to grant Active Directory users or groups special permissions for the SMB file shares on your gateway.

You can use Local Group settings to assign Gateway Admin permissions. Gateway Admins can use the Shared Folders Microsoft Management Console snap-in to force-close files that are open and locked.


You must add at least one Gateway Admin user or group before you can join your gateway to an Active Directory domain.

To assign Gateway Admins
  1. Open the Storage Gateway console at

  2. Choose Gateways, then choose the gateway for which you want to edit SMB settings.

  3. From the Actions dropdown menu, choose Edit SMB settings, then choose Local Group settings.

  4. In the Local Group settings section, choose your settings. This section appears only for file shares that use Active Directory.

    For Gateway Admins, add Active Directory users and groups that you want to grant local Gateway Admin permissions. Add one user or group per line, including the domain name. For example, corp\Domain Admins. To create additional lines, choose Add new Gateway Admin.


    Editing Gateway Admins disconnects and reconnects all SMB file shares.

  5. Choose Save changes, then choose Proceed to acknowledge the warning message that appears.