Configuring the coreMQTT library - FreeRTOS
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Configuring the coreMQTT library

Devices on the edge can use the MQTT protocol to communicate with the Amazon Cloud. Amazon IoT hosts an MQTT broker that sends and receives messages to and from connected devices at the edge.

The coreMQTT library implements the MQTT protocol for devices running FreeRTOS. The coreMQTT library doesn't need to be ported, but your device's test project must pass all MQTT tests for qualification. For more information, see coreMQTT Library in the FreeRTOS User Guide.


To set up the coreMQTT library tests, you need a network transport interface port. See Porting the Network Transport Interface to learn more.


Run coreMQTT Integration tests:

  • Register your client certificate with MQTT broker.

  • Set the broker endpoint in config and run the integration tests.

Create reference MQTT demo

We recommend using the coreMQTT agent to handle thread safety for all MQTT operations. The user will also need publish and subscribe tasks, and Device Advisor tests to validate if the application integrates TLS, MQTT and other FreeRTOS libraries effectively.

To officially qualify a device for FreeRTOS, validate your integration project with Amazon IoT Device Tester MQTT test cases. See Amazon IoT Device Advisor workflow for instructions to set up and test. Mandated test cases for TLS and MQTT are listed below:

TLS Test Cases
Test Case Test cases Required tests
TLS TLS Connect Yes
TLS TLS Support Amazon IoT Cipher Suites A recommended cipher suite
TLS TLS Unsecure Server Cert Yes
TLS TLS Incorrect Subject Name Servr Cert Yes
MQTT Test Cases
Test Case Test cases Required tests
MQTT MQTT Connect Yes
MQTT MQTT Connect Jitter Retries Yes without warnings
MQTT MQTT Subscribe Yes
MQTT MQTT Publish Yes
MQTT MQTT ClientPuback QoS1 Yes
MQTT MQTT No Ack PingResp Yes