Creating a user-initiated backup - FSx for ONTAP
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Creating a user-initiated backup

The following procedure describes how use the Amazon FSx console to create a user-initiated backup of a volume.

You cannot create a volume backup if the volume is offline. For more information, see Backups and offline volumes.

To create a user-initiated backup of a volume (console)
  1. Open the Amazon FSx console at

  2. Navigate to File systems and choose the ONTAP file system that you want to back up a volume for.

  3. Choose the Volumes tab.

  4. Choose the volume you want to back up.

  5. From Actions, choose Create backup.

  6. In the Create backup dialog box that opens, provide a name for your backup. Backup names can be a maximum of 256 Unicode characters, including letters, white space, numbers, and the special characters . + - = _ : /

  7. Choose Create backup.

You have now created a backup of one of your file system's volumes. You can find a table of all your backups in the Amazon FSx console by choosing Backups in the left side navigation. You can search for the name you gave your backup, and the table filters to only show matching results.

When you create a user-initiated backup as this procedure described, it has the type USER_INITIATED, and it has the CREATING status until it is fully available.