Delete snapshots - FSx for ONTAP
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Delete snapshots

Use the volume snapshot delete ONTAP CLI command to manually delete snapshots, replacing the following placeholder values with your data:

  • Replace svm_name with the name of the SVM that the volume is created on.

  • Replace vol_name with name of the volume.

  • Replace snapshot_name with the name of the snapshot. This command supports wildcard characters (*) for snapshot_name. Therefore, you can delete all hourly snapshots, for example, by using hourly*.


If you have Amazon FSx backups enabled, Amazon FSx retains a snapshot for the most recent Amazon FSx backup of each volume. Those snapshots are used to maintain incrementality between backups, and must not be deleted by using this method.

FsxIdabcdef01234567892::> volume snapshot delete -vserver svm_name -volume vol_name -snapshot snapshot_name