Create a Snapshot autodelete policy - FSx for ONTAP
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Create a Snapshot autodelete policy

You can create a policy to automatically delete snapshots when the amount of available space in your volume is running low. Use the volume snapshot autodelete modify ONTAP CLI command to establish an autodelete policy for a volume.

When using this command, use your data to replace the following placeholder values:

  • Replace svm_name with the name of the SVM that the volume is created on.

  • Replace vol_name with name of the volume.

For -trigger, assign one of the following values:

  • volume – Use volume if you want the threshold at which snapshots are deleted to correspond to a total used-volume capacity threshold. The used-volume capacity thresholds that trigger snapshot deletion are determined by the size of your volume, with the threshold scaling from 85–98 percent used capacity. Smaller volumes have a smaller threshold, and larger volumes have a larger one.

  • snap_reserve – Use snap_reserve if you want snapshots to be deleted based on what can be held in your snapshot reserve.

::> volume snapshot autodelete modify -vserver svm_name -volume vol_name -enabled true -trigger [volume|snap_reserve]

For more information, see the volume snapshot autodelete modify command in the NetApp ONTAP Documentation Center.