Viewing file system details - FSx for ONTAP
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Viewing file system details

You can view detailed configuration information for your FSx for ONTAP file system using the Amazon FSx console, the Amazon CLI, and the API and supported Amazon SDKs.

To view detailed file system information:
  • Using the console – Choose a file system to view the File systems detail page. The Summary panel shows the file system's ID, life cycle status, deployment type, SSD storage capacity, throughput capacity, provisioned IOPS, Availability Zones, and creation time.

    The following tabs provide detailed configuration information and editing for properties that can be modified:

    • Network & security

    • Monitoring & performance – Displays CloudWatch alarms you've created, and metrics and warnings for the following categories:

      • Summary – high level summary of file system activity metrics

      • File system storage capacity

      • File server and disk performance

      For more information, see Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch.

    • Administration – Displays the following file system administration information:

      • The DNS names and IP addresses of the file system's management and inter-cluster endpoints.

      • The ONTAP administrator username.

      • The option to update the ONTAP administrator password.

    • List of the file system's SVMs

    • List of the file system's volumes

    • Backup settings – change the file system's automatic daily backup setting.

    • Updates – shows the status of user initiated updates made to the file system's configuration.

    • Tags – view, edit, add, remove tag Key:Value pairs.

  • Using the CLI or API – Use the describe-file-systems CLI command or the DescribeFileSystems API operation.

FSx for ONTAP file system status

You can view the status of an Amazon FSx file system by using the Amazon FSx console, the Amazon CLI command describe-file-systems, or the API operation DescribeFileSystems.

File system status Description


The file system has been successfully created and is available for use.


Amazon FSx is creating a new file system.


Amazon FSx is deleting an existing file system.


The file system is in a misconfigured but recoverable state.


  1. The file system has failed and Amazon FSx can't recover it.

  2. When creating new file system, Amazon FSx was unable to create a new file system.