Adding FlexMatch matchmaking - Amazon GameLift
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Adding FlexMatch matchmaking

Use Amazon GameLift FlexMatch to add player matchmaking functionality to your Amazon GameLift hosted games. You can use FlexMatch with either custom game servers or Realtime Servers.

FlexMatch pairs the matchmaking service with a customizable rules engine. You design how to match players together based on player attributes and game modes that make sense for your game. FlexMatch manages the nuts and bolts of evaluating players who are looking for a game, forming matches with one or more teams, and starting game sessions to host the matches.

To use the full FlexMatch service, you must have your hosting resources set up with queues. Amazon GameLift uses queues to locate the best possible hosting locations for games across multiple regions and computing types. In particular, Amazon GameLift queues can use latency data, when provided by game clients, to place game sessions so that players experience the lowest possible latency when playing.

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