Accessing parameters using getResolvedOptions - Amazon Glue
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Accessing parameters using getResolvedOptions

The Amazon Glue getResolvedOptions(args, options) utility function gives you access to the arguments that are passed to your script when you run a job. To use this function, start by importing it from the Amazon Glue utils module, along with the sys module:

import sys from awsglue.utils import getResolvedOptions
getResolvedOptions(args, options)
  • args – The list of arguments contained in sys.argv.

  • options – A Python array of the argument names that you want to retrieve.

Example Retrieving arguments passed to a JobRun

Suppose that you created a JobRun in a script, perhaps within a Lambda function:

response = client.start_job_run( JobName = 'my_test_Job', Arguments = { '--day_partition_key': 'partition_0', '--hour_partition_key': 'partition_1', '--day_partition_value': day_partition_value, '--hour_partition_value': hour_partition_value } )

To retrieve the arguments that are passed, you can use the getResolvedOptions function as follows:

import sys from awsglue.utils import getResolvedOptions args = getResolvedOptions(sys.argv, ['JOB_NAME', 'day_partition_key', 'hour_partition_key', 'day_partition_value', 'hour_partition_value']) print "The day-partition key is: ", args['day_partition_key'] print "and the day-partition value is: ", args['day_partition_value']

Note that each of the arguments are defined as beginning with two hyphens, then referenced in the script without the hyphens. The arguments use only underscores, not hyphens. Your arguments need to follow this convention to be resolved.