PySpark extension types - Amazon Glue
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PySpark extension types

The types that are used by the Amazon Glue PySpark extensions.


The base class for the other Amazon Glue types.

  • properties – Properties of the data type (optional).


Returns the type of the Amazon Glue type class (that is, the class name with "Type" removed from the end).

  • cls – An Amazon Glue class instance derived from DataType.

jsonValue( )

Returns a JSON object that contains the data type and properties of the class:

{ "dataType": typeName, "properties": properties }

AtomicType and simple derivatives

Inherits from and extends the DataType class, and serves as the base class for all the Amazon Glue atomic data types.

fromJsonValue(cls, json_value)

Initializes a class instance with values from a JSON object.

  • cls – An Amazon Glue type class instance to initialize.

  • json_value – The JSON object to load key-value pairs from.

The following types are simple derivatives of the AtomicType class:

  • BinaryType – Binary data.

  • BooleanType – Boolean values.

  • ByteType – A byte value.

  • DateType – A datetime value.

  • DoubleType – A floating-point double value.

  • IntegerType – An integer value.

  • LongType – A long integer value.

  • NullType – A null value.

  • ShortType – A short integer value.

  • StringType – A text string.

  • TimestampType – A timestamp value (typically in seconds from 1/1/1970).

  • UnknownType – A value of unidentified type.


Inherits from and extends the AtomicType class to represent a decimal number (a number expressed in decimal digits, as opposed to binary base-2 numbers).

__init__(precision=10, scale=2, properties={})
  • precision – The number of digits in the decimal number (optional; the default is 10).

  • scale – The number of digits to the right of the decimal point (optional; the default is 2).

  • properties – The properties of the decimal number (optional).


Inherits from and extends the AtomicType class to represent an enumeration of valid options.

  • options – A list of the options being enumerated.

 collection types


__init__(elementType=UnknownType(), properties={})
  • elementType – The type of elements in the array (optional; the default is UnknownType).

  • properties – Properties of the array (optional).


__init__(choices=[], properties={})
  • choices – A list of possible choices (optional).

  • properties – Properties of these choices (optional).


Adds a new choice to the list of possible choices.

  • new_choice – The choice to add to the list of possible choices.


Merges a list of new choices with the existing list of choices.

  • new_choices – A list of new choices to merge with existing choices.


__init__(valueType=UnknownType, properties={})
  • valueType – The type of values in the map (optional; the default is UnknownType).

  • properties – Properties of the map (optional).


Creates a field object out of an object that derives from DataType.

__init__(name, dataType, properties={})
  • name – The name to be assigned to the field.

  • dataType – The object to create a field from.

  • properties – Properties of the field (optional).


Defines a data structure (struct).

__init__(fields=[], properties={})
  • fields – A list of the fields (of type Field) to include in the structure (optional).

  • properties – Properties of the structure (optional).

  • field – An object of type Field to add to the structure.


Returns True if this structure has a field of the same name, or False if not.

  • field – A field name, or an object of type Field whose name is used.

  • field – A field name or an object of type Field whose name is used. If the structure has a field of the same name, it is returned.


__init__(entity, base_type, properties)

This class is not yet implemented.

 other types


__init__(j_source, sql_ctx, name)
  • j_source – The data source.

  • sql_ctx – The SQL context.

  • name – The data-source name.

setFormat(format, **options)


Returns a DynamicFrame for the data source.


__init__(j_sink, sql_ctx)
  • j_sink – The sink to create.

  • sql_ctx – The SQL context for the data sink.

setFormat(format, **options)

  • size – The accumulable size to set, in bytes.

writeFrame(dynamic_frame, info="")
  • dynamic_frame – The DynamicFrame to write.

  • info – Information about the DynamicFrame (optional).

write(dynamic_frame_or_dfc, info="")

Writes a DynamicFrame or a DynamicFrameCollection.

  • dynamic_frame_or_dfc – Either a DynamicFrame object or a DynamicFrameCollection object to be written.

  • info – Information about the DynamicFrame or DynamicFrames to be written (optional).