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ApplyMapping class

Applies a mapping in a DynamicFrame.


We recommend that you use the DynamicFrame.apply_mapping() method to apply a mapping in a DynamicFrame. To view a code example, see Example: Use apply_mapping to rename fields and change field types.


__call__(frame, mappings, transformation_ctx = "", info = "", stageThreshold = 0, totalThreshold = 0)

Applies a declarative mapping to a specified DynamicFrame.

  • frame – The DynamicFrame to apply the mapping to (required).

  • mappings – A list of mapping tuples (required). Each consists of: (source column, source type, target column, target type).

    If the source column has a dot "." in the name, you must place back-ticks "``" around it. For example, to map (string) to thisNewName, you would use the following tuple:

    ("``", "string", "thisNewName", "string")
  • transformation_ctx – A unique string that is used to identify state information (optional).

  • info – A string that is associated with errors in the transformation (optional).

  • stageThreshold – The maximum number of errors that can occur in the transformation before it errors out (optional). The default is zero.

  • totalThreshold – The maximum number of errors that can occur overall before processing errors out (optional). The default is zero.

Returns only the fields of the DynamicFrame that are specified in the "mapping" tuples.

apply(cls, *args, **kwargs)

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