Spigot class - Amazon Glue
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Spigot class

Writes sample records to a specified destination to help you verify the transformations performed by your Amazon Glue job.


We recommend that you use the DynamicFrame.spigot() method to write a subset of records from a DynamicFrame to a specified destination. To view a code example, see Example: Use spigot to write sample fields from a DynamicFrame to Amazon S3.


__call__(frame, path, options, transformation_ctx = "")

Writes sample records to a specified destination during a transformation.

  • frame – The DynamicFrame to spigot (required).

  • path – The path of the destination to write to (required).

  • options – JSON key-value pairs that specify options (optional). The "topk" option specifies that the first k records should be written. The "prob" option specifies the probability (as a decimal) of picking any given record. You use this in selecting records to write.

  • transformation_ctx – A unique string that is used to identify state information (optional).

apply(cls, *args, **kwargs)

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