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Using the grokLog format in Amazon Glue

Amazon Glue retrieves data from sources and writes data to targets stored and transported in various data formats. If your data is stored or transported in a loosely structured plaintext format, this document introduces you available features for using your data in Amazon Glue through Grok patterns.

Amazon Glue supports using Grok patterns. Grok patterns are similar to regular expression capture groups. They recognize patterns of character sequences in a plaintext file and give them a type and purpose. In Amazon Glue, their primary purpose is to read logs. For an introduction to the Grok by the authors, see Logstash Reference: Grok filter plugin.

Read Write Streaming read Group small files Job bookmarks
Supported Not Applicable Supported Supported Unsupported

grokLog configuration reference

You can use the following format_options values with format="grokLog":

  • logFormat — Specifies the Grok pattern that matches the log's format.

  • customPatterns — Specifies additional Grok patterns used here.

  • MISSING — Specifies the signal to use in identifying missing values. The default is '-'.

  • LineCount — Specifies the number of lines in each log record. The default is '1', and currently only single-line records are supported.

  • StrictMode — A Boolean value that specifies whether strict mode is turned on. In strict mode, the reader doesn't do automatic type conversion or recovery. The default value is "false".