Considerations and limitations - Amazon Glue
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Considerations and limitations

The following considerations and limitations apply to generating column statistics.

  • Using sampling to generate statistics reduces run time, but can generate inaccurate statistics.

  • Each column statistics run requires processing the entire dataset.

  • Data Catalog doesn't store different versions of the statistics.

  • You can only run one statistics generation task at a time per table.

  • If a table is encrypted using customer Amazon KMS key registered with Data Catalog, Amazon Glue uses the same key to encrypt statistics.

Column statistics task supports generating statistics:
  • When the IAM role has full table permissions (IAM or Lake Formation).

  • When the IAM role has permissions on the table using Lake Formation hybrid access mode.

Column statistics task doesn’t support generating statistics for:
  • Tables with Lake Formation cell-based access control.

  • Transactional data lakes - Linux foundation Delta Lake, Apache Iceberg, Apache Hudi.

  • Tables in federated databases - Hive metastore, Amazon Redshift datashares

  • Nested columns, arrays, and struct data types.

  • Table that is shared with you from another account.