Testing an Amazon Glue connection - Amazon Glue
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Testing an Amazon Glue connection

As a best practice, before you use an Amazon Glue connection in an ETL job, use the Amazon Glue console to test the connection. Amazon Glue uses the parameters in your connection to confirm that it can access your data store and reports any errors. For information about Amazon Glue connections, see Connecting to data.

To test an Amazon Glue connection
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon Glue console at https://console.amazonaws.cn/glue/.

  2. In the navigation pane, under Data Catalog, choose Connections. You can also choose Data connections above Data Catalog in the navigation pane.

  3. In Connections, select the check box next to the desired connection, and then choose Actions. In the drop-down menu, choose Test connection.

  4. In the Test connection dialog box, select a role or choose Create IAM role to go to the Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) console to create a new role. The role must have permissions on the data store.

  5. Choose Confirm.

    The test begins and can take several minutes to complete. If the test fails, choose Troubleshoot to view the steps to resolve the issue.

  6. Choose Logs to view the logs in CloudWatch. You must have the required IAM permissions to view the logs. For more information, see Amazon Managed (Predefined) Policies for CloudWatch Logs in the Amazon CloudWatch Logs User Guide.