Disabling snapshot retention optimizer - Amazon Glue
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Disabling snapshot retention optimizer

You can disable the snapshot retention optimizer for a particular Apache Iceberg table using Amazon Glue console or Amazon CLI.

To disable snapshot retention
  1. Choose Data Catalog and choose Tables. From the tables list, choose the Iceberg table that you want to disable the optimizer for snapshot retention.

  2. On lower section of the Table details page, choose Table optimization and Disable snapshot retention.

    You can also choose Disable under Table optimization from the Actions menu.

  3. Choose Disable on the confirmation message. You can re-enable the snapshot retention optimizer at a later time.

    After the you confirm, snapshot retention optimizer is disabled and the status for snapshot retention turns back to Not enabled.

Amazon CLI

In the following example, replace the account ID with a valid Amazon account ID. Replace the database name and table name with actual Iceberg table name and the database name. Replace the roleArn with the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the IAM role and actual name of the IAM role that has the required permissions to run the retention optimizer.

aws glue update-table-optimizer \ --catalog-id 123456789012 \ --database-name iceberg_db \ --table-name iceberg_table \ --table-optimizer-configuration '{"roleArn":"arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/optimizer_role", "enabled":'false'}'\ --type retention
Amazon API

Call UpdateTableOptimizer operation to disable the snapshot retention optimizer for a specific table.