Amazon Glue Scala DataSource trait - Amazon Glue
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Amazon Glue Scala DataSource trait


A high-level interface for producing a DynamicFrame.

trait DataSource { def getDynamicFrame : DynamicFrame def getDynamicFrame( minPartitions : Int, targetPartitions : Int ) : DynamicFrame def getDataFrame : DataFrame /** @param num: the number of records for sampling. * @param options: optional parameters to control sampling behavior. Current available parameter for Amazon S3 sources in options: * 1. maxSamplePartitions: the maximum number of partitions the sampling will read. * 2. maxSampleFilesPerPartition: the maximum number of files the sampling will read in one partition. */ def getSampleDynamicFrame(num:Int, options: JsonOptions = JsonOptions.empty): DynamicFrame def glueContext : GlueContext def setFormat( format : String, options : String ) : Unit def setFormat( format : String, options : JsonOptions ) : Unit def supportsFormat( format : String ) : Boolean def withFormat( format : String, options : JsonOptions = JsonOptions.empty ) : DataSource }