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Amazon Glue Scala MapLikeNode APIs


MapLikeNode class


class MapLikeNode extends DynamicNode ( value : mutable.Map[String, DynamicNode] )

MapLikeNode def methods

def clear : Unit
def get( name : String ) : Option[DynamicNode]
def getValue
def has( name : String ) : Boolean
def isEmpty : Boolean
def put( name : String, node : DynamicNode ) : Option[DynamicNode]
def remove( name : String ) : Option[DynamicNode]
def toIterator : Iterator[(String, DynamicNode)]
def toJson : String
def toJson( useQuotes : Boolean ) : String

Example: Given this JSON:

{"foo": "bar"}

If useQuotes == true, toJson yields {"foo": "bar"}. If useQuotes == false, toJson yields {foo: bar} @return.