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Amazon Glue Scala GlueArgParser APIs


GlueArgParser object


object GlueArgParser

This is strictly consistent with the Python version of utils.getResolvedOptions in the AWSGlueDataplanePython package.

GlueArgParser def methods

def getResolvedOptions( args : Array[String], options : Array[String] ) : Map[String, String]
def initParser( userOptionsSet : mutable.Set[String] ) : ArgumentParser
Example Retrieving arguments passed to a job

To retrieve job arguments, you can use the getResolvedOptions method. Consider the following example, which retrieves a job argument named aws_region.

val args = GlueArgParser.getResolvedOptions(sysArgs, Seq("JOB_NAME","aws_region").toArray) Job.init(args("JOB_NAME"), glueContext, args.asJava) val region = args("aws_region") println(region)