Amazon Glue version support policy - Amazon Glue
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Amazon Glue version support policy

Amazon Glue is a serverless data integration service that makes it easy to discover, prepare, and combine data for analytics, machine learning, and application development. An Amazon Glue job contains the business logic that performs the data integration work in Amazon Glue. There are two types of jobs in Amazon Glue: Spark (batch and streaming) and Python shell. A Spark job is run in an Apache Spark environment managed by Amazon Glue. A Python shell job runs Python scripts as a shell. When you define your job, you specify the Amazon Glue version which configures the Spark and Python version in the runtime environment. For example: an Amazon Glue version 2.0 job supports Spark 2.4.3 and Python 3.7.

Support policy

Occasionally Amazon Glue discontinues support for old Amazon Glue versions. You can continue to create, update and run jobs on those versions. However, jobs running on deprecated versions are no longer eligible for technical support. Amazon Glue will no longer apply security patches or other updates to deprecated versions. Amazon Glue will also not honor SLAs when jobs are run on deprecated versions.

The following Amazon Glue versions have reached or are scheduled for end of support. End of support starts at midnight (Pacific time zone) on the specified date.

Type Glue version End of support
Spark Spark 2.2, Scala 2 (Glue version 0.9) 6/1/2022
Spark Spark 2.2, Python 2 (Glue version 0.9) 6/1/2022
Spark Spark 2.4, Python 2 (Glue version 1.0) 6/1/2022
Spark Spark 2.4, Python 3 (Glue version 1.0) 9/30/2022
Spark Spark 2.4, Scala 2 (Glue version 1.0) 9/30/2022
Spark Glue version 2.0 3/31/2023
Type Python version End of support
Python shell Python 2 (Glue Version 1.0) 6/1/2022
Type Notebook version End of support
Development endpoint Zeppelin notebook 9/30/2022

Amazon strongly recommends that you migrate your jobs to supported versions.

For information on migrating your Spark jobs to the latest Amazon Glue version, see Migrating Amazon Glue jobs to Amazon Glue version 3.0.

For migrating your Python shell jobs to the latest Amazon Glue version:

  • In the console, choose Python 3 (Glue Version 1.0).

  • In the CreateJob/UpdateJob API, set the GlueVersion parameter to 1.0, and the PythonVersion to 3 under the Command parameter.

  • You need to make your job script compatible with Python 3.