Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch - Amazon Glue
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Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch

You can monitor Amazon Glue using Amazon CloudWatch, which collects and processes raw data from Amazon Glue into readable, near-real-time metrics. These statistics are recorded for a period of two weeks so that you can access historical information for a better perspective on how your web application or service is performing. By default, Amazon Glue metrics data is sent to CloudWatch automatically. For more information, see What Is Amazon CloudWatch? in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide, and Amazon Glue metrics.

Continous logging

Amazon Glue also supports real-time continuous logging for Amazon Glue jobs. When continuous logging is enabled for a job, you can view the real-time logs on the Amazon Glue console or the CloudWatch console dashboard. For more information, see Continuous logging for Amazon Glue jobs.

Observability metrics

When Job observability metrics is enabled, additional Amazon CloudWatch metrics are generated when the job is run. Use Amazon Glue Observability metrics to generate insights into what is happening inside your Amazon Glue to improve triaging and analysis of issues.