Supported code generation abilities - Amazon Glue
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Supported code generation abilities

The following are the combinations of the code generation abilities of Amazon Q data integration in Amazon Glue.

Source Transformation Target
S3 with the following format types: json, csv, parquet, hudi, delta ApplyMapping S3 with the following format types: json, csv, avro, orc, parquet, hudi, delta
Glue Data Catalog RenameField Glue Data Catalog
Amazon Redshift DropFields Amazon Redshift
MySQL SelectFields MySQL
Postgres DropNullFields Postgres
Oracle Filter Oracle
SQL Server Spigot SQL Server
DynamoDB Custom SQL Code DynamoDB
Snowflake Aggregate Snowflake
MongoDB DropDuplicates MongoDB
Custom JDBC Connector Join Custom JDBC Connector
Custom Spark Connector Union Custom Spark Connector
Google BigQuery Google BigQuery
Teradata Teradata
Amazon OpenSearch Service Amazon OpenSearch Service
Vertica Vertica
Azure SQL Azure DQL
Azure Cosmos Azure Cosmos