Salesforce connection options - Amazon Glue
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Salesforce connection options

The following are connection options for Salesforce:

  • ENTITY_NAME(String) - (Required) Used for Read/Write. The name of your Object in Salesforce.

  • API_VERSION(String) - (Required) Used for Read/Write. Salesforce Rest API version you want to use.

  • SELECTED_FIELDS(List<String>) - Default: empty(SELECT *). Used for Read. Columns you want to select for the object.

  • FILTER_PREDICATE(String) - Default: empty. Used for Read. It should be in the Spark SQL format.

  • QUERY(String) - Default: empty. Used for Read. Full Spark SQL query.

  • PARTITION_FIELD(String) - Used for Read. Field to be used to partition query.

  • LOWER_BOUND(String)- Used for Read. An inclusive lower bound value of the chosen partition field.

  • UPPER_BOUND(String) - Used for Read. An exclusive upper bound value of the chosen partition field.

  • NUM_PARTITIONS(Integer) - Default: 1. Used for Read. Number of partitions for read.

  • IMPORT_DELETED_RECORDS(String) - Default: FALSE. Used for read. To get the delete records while querying.

  • WRITE_OPERATION(String) - Default: INSERT. Used for write. Value should be INSERT, UPDATE, UPSERT, DELETE.

  • ID_FIELD_NAMES(String) - Default : null. Used only for UPSERT.