Stopping column statistics task run - Amazon Glue
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Stopping column statistics task run

You can stop a column statistics task run for a table using Amazon Glue console, Amazon CLI or using StopColumnStatisticsTaskRun operation.

To stop a column statistics task run
  1. On Amazon Glue console, choose Tables under Data Catalog.

  2. Select the table with the column statistics task run is in progress.

  3. On the Table details page, choose Column statistics.

  4. Choose Stop.

    If you stop the task before the run is complete, column statistics won't be generated for the table.

Amazon CLI

In the following example, replace values for DatabaseName and TableName with the actual database and table name.

aws glue stop-column-statistics-task-run --input-cli-json file://input.json { "DatabaseName": "<test-db>", "TableName": "<test-table>" }