Using DropNullFields to remove fields with null values - Amazon Glue
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Using DropNullFields to remove fields with null values

Use the DropNullFields transform to remove fields from the dataset if all values in the field are ‘null’. By default, Amazon Glue Studio will recognize null objects, but some values such as empty strings, strings that are “null”, -1 integers or other placeholders such as zeros, are not automatically recognized as nulls.

To use the DropNullFields
  1. Add a DropNullFields node to the job diagram.

  2. On the Node properties tab, choose additional values that represent a null value. You can choose to select none or all of the values:

    The screenshot shows the Transform tab for the DropNullFields node.
    • Empty String ("" or '') - fields that contain empty strings will be removed

    • "null string" - fields that contain the string with the word 'null' will be removed

    • -1 integer - fields that contain a -1 (negative one) integer will be removed

  3. If needed, you can also specify custom null values. These are null values that may be unique to your dataset. To add a custom null value, choose Add new value.

  4. Enter the custom null value. For example, this can zero, or any value that is being used to represent a null in the dataset.

  5. Choose the data type in the drop-down field. Data types can either be String or Integer.


    Custom null values and their data types must match exactly in order for the fields to be recognized as null values and the fields removed. Partial matches where only the custom null value matches but the data type does not will not result in the fields being removed.