Overview of SelectFromCollection transform - Amazon Glue
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Overview of SelectFromCollection transform

Certain transforms have multiple datasets as their output instead of a single dataset, for example, SplitFields. The SelectFromCollection transform selects one dataset (DynamicFrame) from a collection of datasets (an array of DynamicFrames). The output for the transform is the selected DynamicFrame.

You must use this transform after you use a transform that creates a collection of DynamicFrames, such as:

  • Custom code transforms

  • SplitFields

If you don't add a SelectFromCollection transform node to your job diagram after any of these transforms, you will get an error for your job.

The parent node for this transform must be a node that returns a collection of DynamicFrames. If you choose a parent for this transform node that returns a single DynamicFrame, such as a Join transform, your job returns an error.

Similarly, if you use a SelectFromCollection node in your job diagram as the parent for a transform that expects a single DynamicFrame as input, your job returns an error.

The screenshot shows the Node parents field on the Node properties tab of the node details panel. The selected node parent is SplitFields and the error message displayed reads "Parent node Split Fields outputs a collection, but node Drop Fields does not accept a collection."