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Using the Split String transform to break up a string column

The Split String transform allows you to break up a string into an array of tokens using a regular expression to define how the split is done. You can then keep the column as an array type or apply an Array To Columns transform after this one, to extract the array values onto top level fields, assuming that each token has a meaning we know beforehand. Also, if the order of the tokens is irrelevant (for instance, a set of categories), you can use the Explode transform to generate a separate row for each value.

For example, you can split a the column “categories” using a comma as a pattern to add a column “categories_arr”.

product_id categories categories_arr
1 sports,winter [sports, winter]
2 garden,tools [garden, tools]
3 videogames [videogames]
4 game,boardgame,social [game, boardgame, social]
To add a Split String transform:
  1. Open the Resource panel and then choose Split String to add a new transform to your job diagram. The node selected at the time of adding the node will be its parent.

  2. (Optional) On the Node properties tab, you can enter a name for the node in the job diagram. If a node parent is not already selected, then choose a node from the Node parents list to use as the input source for the transform.

  3. On the Transform tab, choose the column to split and enter the pattern to use to split the string. In most cases you can just enter the character(s) unless it has a special meaning as a regular expression and needs to be escaped. The characters that need escaping are: \.[]{}()<>*+-=!?^$| by adding a backslash in front of the character. For instance if you want to separate by a dot ('.') you need to enter \.. However, a comma doesn’t have a special meaning and can just be specified as is: ,.

    The screenshot shows the Transform tab for the Split String transform.
  4. (Optional) If you want to keep the original string column, then you can enter a name for a new array column, this way keeping both the original string column and the new tokenized array column.