Convert a column to timestamp type - Amazon Glue
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Convert a column to timestamp type

You can use the transform To timestamp to change the data type of a numeric or string column into timestamp, so that it can be stored with that data type or applied to other transforms that require a timestamp.

To add a To timestamp transform node in your job diagram
  1. Open the Resource panel and then choose To timestamp to add a new transform to your job diagram. The node selected at the time of adding the node will be its parent.

  2. (Optional) On the Node properties tab, you can enter a name for the node in the job diagram. If a node parent is not already selected, then choose a node from the Node parents list to use as the input source for the transform.

  3. On the Transform tab, enter the name of the column to be converted.

  4. On the Transform tab, define how to parse the column selected by choosing the type.

    If the value is a number, it can be expressed in seconds (Unix/Python timestamp), milliseconds or microseconds, choose the corresponding option.

    If the value is a formatted string, choose the "iso" type, the string needs to conform to one of the variants of the ISO format, for example: “2022-11-02T14:40:59.915Z“.

    If you don’t know the type at this point or different rows use different types, then you can choose ”autodetect“ and the system will make its best guess, with a small performance cost.

  5. (Optional) On the Transform tab, instead of converting the selected column, you can create a new one and keep the original by entering a name for the new column.