Troubleshooting connection issues in Amazon Glue - Amazon Glue
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Troubleshooting connection issues in Amazon Glue

When an Amazon Glue crawler or a job uses connection properties to access a data store, you might encounter errors when you try to connect. Amazon Glue uses private IP addresses in the subnet when it creates elastic network interfaces in your specified virtual private cloud (VPC) and subnet. Security groups specified in the connection are applied on each of the elastic network interfaces. Check to see whether security groups allow outbound access and if they allow connectivity to the database cluster.

In addition, Apache Spark requires bidirectional connectivity among driver and executor nodes. One of the security groups needs to allow ingress rules on all TCP ports. You can prevent it from being open to the world by restricting the source of the security group to itself with a self-referencing security group.

Here are some typical actions you can take to troubleshoot connection problems:

  • Check the port address of your connection.

  • Check the user name and password string in your connection or secret.

  • For a JDBC data store, verify that it allows incoming connections.

  • Verify that your data store can be accessed within your VPC.

  • If you store your connection credentials using Amazon Secrets Manager, make sure that your IAM role for Amazon Glue has permission to access your secret. For more information, see Example: Permission to retrieve secret values in the Amazon Secrets Manager User Guide. Depending on your network setup, you might also need to create a VPC endpoint to establish a private connection between your VPC and Secrets Manager. For more information, see Using an Amazon Secrets Manager VPC endpoint.