Step 1: (Optional) Create an Amazon secret for your OpenSearch cluster information - Amazon Glue
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Step 1: (Optional) Create an Amazon secret for your OpenSearch cluster information

To safely store and use your connection credential, save your credential in Amazon Secrets Manager. The secret you create will be used later in the tutorial by the connection. The credential key-value pairs will be fed into the Amazon Glue Connector for Elasticsearch as normal connection options.

For more information about creating secrets, see Creating and Managing Secrets with Amazon Secrets Manager in the Amazon Secrets Manager User Guide.

To create an Amazon secret
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Secrets Manager console.

  2. On either the service introduction page or the Secrets list page, choose Store a new secret.

  3. On the Store a new secret page, choose Other type of secret. This option means that you must supply the structure and details of your secret.

  4. Add a Key and Value pair for the OpenSearch cluster user name. For example: username

  5. Choose + Add row, and enter another key-value pair for the password. For example: password

  6. Choose Next.

  7. Enter a secret name. For example: my-es-secret. You can optionally include a description.

    Record the secret name, which is used later in this tutorial, and then choose Next.

  8. Choose Next again, and then choose Store to create the secret.

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