Step 2: Subscribe to the connector - Amazon Glue
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Step 2: Subscribe to the connector

The Amazon Glue Connector for Elasticsearch is available for free from Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

To subscribe to the Amazon Glue Connector for Elasticsearch on Amazon Web Services Marketplace
  1. If you have not already configured your Amazon account to use License Manager, do the following:

    1. Open the Amazon License Manager console at

    2. Choose Create customer managed license.

    3. In the IAM permissions (one-time setup) window, choose I grant Amazon License Manager the required permissions, and then choose Grant permissions.

      If you do not see this window, then you have already configured the necessary permissions.

  2. Open the Amazon Glue Studio console at

  3. In the Amazon Glue Studio console, expand the menu icon ( 3 short, horizontal lines in a vertical stack ), and then choose Connectors in the navigation pane.

  4. On the Connectors page, choose Go to Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

  5. In Amazon Web Services Marketplace, in the Search Amazon Glue Studio products section, enter Amazon Glue Connector for Elasticsearch in the search field, and then press Enter.

  6. Choose the name of the connector, Amazon Glue Connector for Elasticsearch.

  7. On the product page for the connector, use the tabs to view information about the connector. When you're ready to continue, choose Continue to Subscribe.

  8. Review the terms of use for the software. Click Accept Terms.

  9. When the subscription process completes, you will see a notification: "Thank you for subscribing to this product! You can now configure your software." Above the banner will be the button Continue to Configuration. Choose Continue to Configuration.

  10. Choose the Fulfillment option on the Configure this software page. You can either choose between Amazon Glue 1.0/2.0 or Amazon Glue 3.0. Then, choose Continue to Launch.

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