Updating orphan file deletion optimizer - Amazon Glue
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Updating orphan file deletion optimizer

You can modify the configuration for the orphan file deletion optimizer, such as changing the retention period for orphan files or the IAM role used by the optimizer using Amazon Glue console, Amazon CLI, or the UpdateTableOptimizer operation.

Amazon Web Services Management Console
To update the orphan file deletion optimizer
  1. Choose Data Catalog and choose Tables. From the tables list, choose the table you want to update the orphan file deletion optimizer configuration.

  2. On the lower section of the Tables details page, choose Edit from the Orphan file deletion history section.

    You can also choose Edit under Optimization, Actions.

  3. On the Edit optimization page, make the desired changes.

  4. Choose Save.

Amazon CLI

You can use the update-table-optimizer call to update the orphan file deletion optimizer in Amazon Glue, you can use call. This allows you to modify the OrphanFileDeletionConfiguration in the icebergConfiguration field where you can specify the updated OrphanFileRetentionPeriodInDays to set the number of days to retain orphan files, to specify the Iceberg table location to delete orphan files from.

aws glue update-table-optimizer \ --catalog-id 123456789012 \ --database-name iceberg_db \ --table-name tceberg_table \ --table-optimizer-configuration '{"roleArn":"arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/optimizer_role","enabled":true,"orphanFileDeletionConfiguration":{"icebergConfiguration":{"orphanFileRetentionPeriodInDays":5}}}' \ --type orphan_file_deletion \ --region Amazon Web Services Region