Viewing optimization details - Amazon Glue
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Viewing optimization details

You can view the optimization status for Apache Iceberg tables in the Amazon Glue console, Amazon CLI, or using Amazon API operations.

To view the optimization status for Iceberg tables (console)
  • You can view optimization status for Iceberg tables on the Amazon Glue console by choosing an Iceberg table from the Tables list under Data Catalog. Under Table optimization, choose View optimization history.

Amazon CLI

You can view the optimization details using Amazon CLI.

In the following examples, replace the account ID with a valid Amazon account ID, the database name, and table name with actual Iceberg table name. For type, provide and optimization type. Acceptable values are compaction.

  • To get the last compaction run details for a table

    aws get-table-optimizer \ --catalog-id 123456789012 \ --database-name iceberg_db \ --table-name iceberg_table \ --type compaction
  • Use the following example to retrieve the history of an optimizer for a specific table.

    aws list-table-optimizer-runs \ --catalog-id 123456789012 \ --database-name iceberg_db \ --table-name iceberg_table \ --type compaction
  • The following example shows how to retrieve the optimization run and configuration details for multiple optimizers. You can specify a maximum of 20 optimizers.

    aws glue batch-get-table-optimizer \ --entries '[{"catalogId":"123456789012", "databaseName":"iceberg_db", "tableName":"iceberg_table", "type":"compaction"}]'
Amazon API
  • Use GetTableOptimizer operation to retrieve the last run details of an optimizer.

  • Use ListTableOptimizerRuns operation to retrieve history of a given optimizer on a specific table. You can specify 20 optimizers in a single API call.

  • Use BatchGetTableOptimizer operation to retrieve configuration details for multiple optimizers in your account.