Step 4. Update custom visual transforms as needed - Amazon Glue Studio
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Step 4. Update custom visual transforms as needed

Once created and used, the transform script can be updated as long as the transform follows the corresponding json definition:

  • The name used when assigning to DynamicFrame much match the json functionName.

  • The function arguments must be defined in the json file as described in Step 1. Create a JSON config file .

  • The Amazon S3 path of the Python file cannot change, since the jobs depend directly on it.


If any updates need to be made, ensure the script and the .json file are consistently updated and any visual jobs are correctly saved again with the new transform. If visual jobs are not saved after the updates were made, the updates will not be applied and validated. If the Python script file is renamed or not placed next to the .json file, then you need to specify the full path in the .json file.