Adding nodes to the job diagram - Amazon Glue Studio
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Adding nodes to the job diagram

You can add additional data sources, transforms, and data targets to your job to support more complex ETL actions.

To add nodes to a job diagram
  1. Go to the visual editor for a new or saved job and choose the Visual tab.

  2. Use the toolbar buttons to add a node of a specific type: Source, Transform, or Target.

            The screen shot shows the visual editor toolbar in Amazon Glue Studio. The toolbar is located
              under the visual editor tabs (Visual, Script, Job details, Runs, and Schedules). A red
              rectangle in the lower left corner of the screenshot highlights three buttons (from
              left to right): Source, Transform, and Target. The toolbar buttons not included in the
              red rectangle are, from left to right: Undo, Redo, Remove, Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Zoom
              to Fit.
  3. Edit the node, as described in the following sections:

  4. If you're inserting a node in between two nodes in the job diagram, then perform the following actions:

    1. Choose the node that will be the parent for the new node.

    2. Choose one of the toolbar buttons to add a new node to the job diagram. The new node is added as a child of the currently selected node.

    3. Choose the node that will be the child of the newly added node and change its parent node to point to the newly added node.

If you added a node by mistake, you can use the Undo button on the toolbar to reverse the action.