BulkDeploymentMetrics - Amazon IoT Greengrass
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Amazon IoT Greengrass Version 1 no longer receives feature updates, and will receive only security patches and bug fixes until June 30, 2023. For more information, see the Amazon IoT Greengrass V1 maintenance policy. We strongly recommend that you migrate to Amazon IoT Greengrass Version 2, which adds significant new features and support for additional platforms.


{ "RecordsProcessed": 0, "InvalidInputRecords": 0, "RetryAttempts": 0 }

Relevant metrics on input records processed during bulk deployment.

type: object


The total number of group records from the input file that have been processed or attempted so far.

type: integer


The total number of records that returned a non-retryable error. For example, this can occur if a group record from the input file uses an invalid format or specifies a nonexistent group version, or if the execution role doesn't grant permission to deploy a group or group version.

type: integer


The total number of deployment attempts that returned a retryable error. For example, a retry is triggered if the attempt to deploy a group returns a throttling error. StartBulkDeployment retries a group deployment up to five times.

type: integer