ConnectorDefinitionVersion - Amazon IoT Greengrass
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Amazon IoT Greengrass Version 1 entered the extended life phase on June 30, 2023. For more information, see the Amazon IoT Greengrass V1 maintenance policy. After this date, Amazon IoT Greengrass V1 won't release updates that provide features, enhancements, bug fixes, or security patches. Devices that run on Amazon IoT Greengrass V1 won't be disrupted and will continue to operate and to connect to the cloud. We strongly recommend that you migrate to Amazon IoT Greengrass Version 2, which adds significant new features and support for additional platforms.


{ "Connectors": [ { "Id": "string", "ConnectorArn": "string", "Parameters": { "additionalProperty0": "string", "additionalProperty1": "string", "additionalProperty2": "string" } } ] }

Information about the connector definition version, which is a container for connectors.

type: object


A list of references to connectors in this version, with their corresponding configuration settings.

type: array

items: Connector


Information about a connector. Connectors run on the Greengrass core and contain built-in integration with local infrastructure, device protocols, Amazon, and other cloud services.

type: object

required: ["Id", "ConnectorArn"]


A descriptive or arbitrary ID for the connector. This value must be unique within the connector definition version. Maximum length is 128 characters with the pattern [a-zA-Z0-9:_-]+.

type: string


The ARN of the connector.

type: string


The parameters or configuration used by the connector.

type: object

additionalProperties: An object with properties of type string that represent the connector configuration.