Prerequisites - Amazon IoT Greengrass
Services or capabilities described in Amazon Web Services documentation might vary by Region. To see the differences applicable to the China Regions, see Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in China (PDF).


To complete this getting started tutorial, you need the following:

  • An Amazon Web Services account. If you don't have one, see Step 1: Set up an Amazon account.

  • The use of an Amazon Web Services Region that supports Amazon IoT Greengrass V2. For the list of supported Regions, see Amazon IoT Greengrass V2 endpoints and quotas in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

  • An Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) user with administrator permissions.

  • A device to set up as a Greengrass core device, such as a Raspberry Pi with Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian), or a Windows 10 device. You must have administrator permissions on this device, or the ability to acquire administrator privileges, such as through sudo. This device must have an internet connection.

    You can also choose to use a different device that meets the requirements to install and run the Amazon IoT Greengrass Core software. For more information, see Supported platforms and requirements.

    If your development computer meets these requirements, you can set it up as your Greengrass core device in this tutorial.

  • Python 3.5 or later installed for all users on the device and added to the PATH environment variable. On Windows, you must also have the Python Launcher for Windows installed for all users.


    In Windows, Python doesn't install for all users by default. When you install Python, you must customize the installation to configure it for the Amazon IoT Greengrass Core software to run Python scripts. For example, if you use the graphical Python installer, do the following:

    1. Select Install launcher for all users (recommended).

    2. Choose Customize installation.

    3. Choose Next.

    4. Select Install for all users.

    5. Select Add Python to environment variables.

    6. Choose Install.

    For more information, see Using Python on Windows in the Python 3 documentation.

  • Amazon Command Line Interface (Amazon CLI) installed and configured with credentials on your development computer and on your device. Make sure you use the same Amazon Web Services Region to configure the Amazon CLI on your development computer and on your device. To use Amazon IoT Greengrass V2 with the Amazon CLI, you must have one of the following versions or later:

    • Minimum Amazon CLI V1 version: v1.18.197

    • Minimum Amazon CLI V2 version: v2.1.11


    You can run the following command to check the version of the Amazon CLI that you have.

    aws --version

    For more information, see Installing, updating, and uninstalling the Amazon CLI and Configuring the Amazon CLI in the Amazon Command Line Interface User Guide.


    If you use a 32-bit ARM device, such as a Raspberry Pi with a 32-bit operating system, install Amazon CLI V1. Amazon CLI V2 isn't available for 32-bit ARM devices. For more information, see Installing, updating, and uninstalling the Amazon CLI version 1.