Greengrass CLI commands - Amazon IoT Greengrass
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Greengrass CLI commands

The Greengrass CLI provides a command line interface to interact locally with your Amazon IoT Greengrass core device. Greengrass CLI commands use the following format.

$ greengrass-cli <command> <subcommand> [arguments]

By default, the greengrass-cli executable file in the /greengrass/v2/bin/ folder interacts with the version of the Amazon IoT Greengrass Core software running in the /greengrass/v2 folder. If you call an executable that is not placed in this location, or if you want to interact with Amazon IoT Greengrass Core software in a different location, then you must use one of the following methods to explicitly specify the root path of the Amazon IoT Greengrass Core software that you want to interact with:

  • Set the GGC_ROOT_PATH environment variable to /greengrass/v2.

  • Add the --ggcRootPath /greengrass/v2 argument to your command as shown in the following example.

    greengrass-cli --ggcRootPath /greengrass/v2 <command> <subcommand> [arguments]

You can use the following arguments with any command:

  • Use --help for information about a specific Greengrass CLI command.

  • Use --version for information about the Greengrass CLI version.

This section describes the Greengrass CLI commands and provides examples for these commands. The synopsis for each command shows its arguments and their usage. Optional arguments are shown in square brackets.