config - Amazon IoT Greengrass
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Use the config command in the Amazon IoT Greengrass Development Kit Command-Line Interface (GDK CLI) to modify the configuration for the GDK in the configuration file, gdk-config.json.



Start an interactive prompt to modify fields within an existing GDK configuration file.

$ gdk config update [--component]
  • -c, --component – To update component-related fields in the gdk-config.json file. This argument is required since it is the only option.


The following example shows the output produced when you run this command to configure a component.

$ gdk config update --component Current value of the REQUIRED component_name is (default: com.example.PythonHelloWorld): Current value of the REQUIRED author is (default: author): Current value of the REQUIRED version is (default: NEXT_PATCH): Do you want to change the build configurations? (y/n) Do you want to change the publish configurations? (y/n) [2023-09-26 10:19:48] INFO - Config file has been updated. Exiting...