(Optional) Run the Greengrass software (Linux) - Amazon IoT Greengrass
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(Optional) Run the Greengrass software (Linux)

If you installed the software as a system service, the installer runs the software for you. Otherwise, you must run the software. To see if the installer set up the software as a system service, look for the following line in the installer output.

Successfully set up Nucleus as a system service

If you don't see this message, do the following to run the software:

  1. Run the following command to run the software.

    sudo /greengrass/v2/alts/current/distro/bin/loader

    The software prints the following message if it launches successfully.

    Launched Nucleus successfully.
  2. You must leave the current command shell open to keep the Amazon IoT Greengrass Core software running. If you use SSH to connect to the core device, run the following command on your development computer to open a second SSH session that you can use to run additional commands on the core device. Replace username with the name of the user to sign in, and replace pi-ip-address with the IP address of the device.

    ssh username@pi-ip-address

For more information about how to interact with the Greengrass system service, see Configure the Greengrass nucleus as a system service.