Malware Protection quotas - Amazon GuardDuty
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Malware Protection quotas

Malware Protection has the following default availability of varied resources that the feature uses.

Scope Default Comments

Extraction and analysis of data in compressed or archived file


The maximum number of nested levels allowed in an archived file.

Number of threats


The maximum number of threats that you can view in the findings panel.

EBS volumes per scan per instance


The maximum number of EBS volumes that GuardDuty can scan per EC2 instance. If there are more than 11 EBS volumes that need to be scanned, GuardDuty Malware Protection sorts the deviceName alphabetically, and selects the first 11 EBS volumes.

Supported encryption types

Unencrypted and encrypted with Customer managed keys.

Malware Protection supports EBS volumes that are both unencrypted and encrypted with Customer managed keys. Malware Protection doesn't support EBS volumes encrypted with EBS managed key.

EBS volume size

1024 GB

The maximum EBS volume size in GB that GuardDuty Malware Protection can scan.

Supported file system types

GuardDuty Malware Protection can scan the following file system types:

  • New Technology File System (NTFS)

  • X File System (XFS)

  • Second extended (ext2) File System

  • Fourth extended (ext4) File System

  • File Allocation Table (FAT) File System

  • Virtual File Allocation Table (VFAT) File System


Scan options tags


The maximum number of resource tags that you can add to customize your malware scan options setting. For more information, see Scan options.

Finding retention period


The maximum number of days that GuardDuty retains a finding. For the latest information, see Quotas for Amazon GuardDuty.

Malware scan retention period


The maximum number of days that GuardDuty Malware Protection retains the history of a scan. For more information on viewing recent malware scans, see Monitoring scan statuses and results in GuardDuty Malware Protection.