Configure a Modbus TCP source (CLI) - Amazon IoT SiteWise
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Configure a Modbus TCP source (CLI)

You can define Modbus TCP data sources in a gateway capability. You must define all of your Modbus TCP sources in a single capability configuration.

For more information about defining sources with the Amazon CLI, see Configuring data sources (Amazon CLI).


You must install the Amazon IoT SiteWise connector to use a Modbus TCP source.

This capability has the following versions.

Version Namespace
1 iotsitewise:modbuscollector:1

Modbus TCP capability configuration parameters

When you define Modbus TCP sources in a capability configuration, you must specify the following information in the capabilityConfiguration JSON document:


A list of Modbus-TCP source definition structures that each contain the following information:


A unique, friendly name for the source.


(Optional) A string to prepend to all data streams from the source. The gateway adds this prefix to all data streams from this source. Use a data stream prefix to distinguish between data streams that have the same name from different sources. Each data stream should have a unique name within your account.


A destination structure that contains the following information:


The type of the destination.


The name of the Amazon IoT Greengrass stream.


The size of the stream buffer.


An endpoint structure that contains the following information:


The IP address of the Modbus TCP source.


(Optional) The port of the Modbus TCP source.


(Optional) The unitId. This defaults to a value of 1.


The minimum duration between each request in milliseconds.


The list of property groups that define the tag definition requested by the protocol.


The name of the property group. This should be a unique identifier.


The location of the measurement within the source. For example, the byte and word order, address, and transformation type. The structure of each MeasurementPathDefinition is defined by the connector.


Defines the scan mode behavior and configurable parameters for the source.