Upgrading packs - Amazon IoT SiteWise
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Upgrading packs


Upgrading Data processing pack versions from before (and including) 2.0.x to version 2.1.x will result in data loss of locally stored measurements.

Gateways use different packs to determine how to collect and process your data. You can use the Amazon IoT SiteWise console to upgrade packs.

To upgrade packs (console)
  1. Navigate to the Amazon IoT SiteWise console.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Gateways.

  3. In the Gateways list, choose the gateway with the packs you want to upgrade.

  4. On the gateway summary page, choose Updates.


    You can only upgrade packs that are enabled. To find the list of packs that are enabled for this gateway, choose Overview, and then see the Edge capabilities section.

  5. In the Pack updates section, do one of the following.

    • For OPC-UA collector, choose Version 2.0.3, and then choose Deploy.

    • For Publisher, choose Version 2.0.2, and then choose Deploy.

    • For Data processing pack, choose Version 2.0.14, and then choose Deploy.


    We strongly recommend that you use the latest version of each pack.

  6. To confirm the deployment, choose Deploy. In the Deployment column in the Gateways list, you'll see Completed. If you don't see an update to the deployment status, refresh the page.

    • Deploy only one pack at a time. If you deploy multiple packs at the same time, only the last pack that you chose will get deployed.

If you're experiencing problems upgrading the packs, see Unable to deploy packs to Amazon IoT SiteWise Edge gateways.