Upgrading a connector - Amazon IoT SiteWise
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Upgrading a connector


Version 6 of the IoT SiteWise connector introduces new requirements: Amazon IoT Greengrass Core software v1.10.0 and stream manager. Before you upgrade your connector, check that your gateway meets these requirements, or you won't be able to deploy your gateway.

You can easily upgrade your gateway's connector after a new IoT SiteWise connector version is released.


In this procedure, you redeploy your Greengrass group and restart your gateway. Your gateway won't ingest data while it's restarting. The time to restart your gateway depends on the number of tags on your gateway's sources. Restart time can range from a few seconds (for a gateway with few tags) to several minutes (for a gateway with many tags).

To upgrade an IoT SiteWise connector
  1. Navigate to the Amazon IoT Greengrass console.

  2. In the navigation pane, under Greengrass, choose Groups, and then choose the group that you created when you set up your gateway.

                        Amazon IoT Greengrass "Greengrass Groups" page screenshot.
  3. In the navigation pane, choose Connectors.

  4. On the Connectors page, choose Available next to the IoT SiteWise connector.

                        Amazon IoT Greengrass "Greengrass Connectors" with an available upgrade screenshot.

    If you don't see the Available element, your connector is already the latest version.

  5. On the Upgrade connector page, enter your connector's parameters and then choose Upgrade.

  6. In the upper-right corner, in the Actions menu, choose Deploy.

  7. Choose Automatic detection to start the deployment.

    If the deployment fails, choose Deploy again. If the deployment continues to fail, see Amazon IoT Greengrass deployment troubleshooting.