Logging disabled - Amazon IoT Core
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Logging disabled

Amazon IoT logs are not enabled in Amazon CloudWatch. Verifies both V1 and V2 logging.

This check appears as LOGGING_DISABLED_CHECK in the CLI and API.

Severity: Low


The following reason codes are returned when this check finds noncompliance:


Why it matters

Amazon IoT logs in CloudWatch provide visibility into behaviors in Amazon IoT, including authentication failures and unexpected connects and disconnects that might indicate that a device has been compromised.

How to fix it

Enable Amazon IoT logs in CloudWatch. See Monitoring Tools. You can also use mitigation actions to:

  • Apply the ENABLE_IOT_LOGGING mitigation action on your audit findings to make this change.

  • Apply the PUBLISH_FINDINGS_TO_SNS mitigation action if you want to implement a custom response in response to the Amazon SNS message.

For more information, see Mitigation actions.