Monitoring and logging for Amazon IoT Wireless using Amazon CloudWatch - Amazon IoT Core
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Monitoring and logging for Amazon IoT Wireless using Amazon CloudWatch

You can monitor your Amazon IoT Wireless resources and applications that run in real time by using Amazon CloudWatch. You can monitor the status of your LoRaWAN and Sidewalk devices that you've onboarded using Amazon CloudWatch.

Use CloudWatch to collect and track metrics, which are variables that you can measure for your resources and applications. For more information about the benefits of using monitoring, see Monitoring Amazon IoT.

If you want to obtain more real-time log information from your LoRaWAN devices, use the network analyzer. For more information, see Monitoring your wireless resource fleet in real time using network analyzer.

How to monitor your wireless resources

To log and monitor your wireless resources, perform the following steps.

  1. Create a logging role to log your Amazon IoT Wireless resources, as described in Create logging role and policy for Amazon IoT Wireless.

  2. Log messages in the CloudWatch Logs console have a default log level of ERROR, which is less verbose and contains only error information. If you want to view more verbose messages, we recommend that you use the CLI to configure logging first, as described in Configure logging for Amazon IoT Wireless resources.

  3. Next, you can monitor your resources by viewing the log entries in the CloudWatch Logs console. For more information, see View CloudWatch Amazon IoT Wireless log entries.

  4. You can create filter expressions by using Logs groups but we recommend that you first create simple filters and view log entries in the log groups, and then go to CloudWatch Insights to create queries to filter the log entries depending on the resource or event you're monitoring. For more information, see Use CloudWatch Insights to filter logs for Amazon IoT Wireless.

The following topics show how to configure logging for Amazon IoT Wireless and to collect metrics from CloudWatch. In addition to LoRaWAN devices, you can use these topics to configure logging for any Sidewalk devices that you've added to your account and monitor them. For information about how to add these devices, see Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk.