Add your device profile and Sidewalk end device - Amazon IoT Core
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Add your device profile and Sidewalk end device

This section shows how you can create a device profile. It also shows how you can use the Amazon IoT console and the Amazon CLI to add your Sidewalk end device to Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk.

Add your Sidewalk device (console)

To add your Sidewalk device using the Amazon IoT console, go to the Sidewalk tab of the Devices hub, choose Provision device, and then perform the following steps.

  1. Specify device details

    Specify the configuration information for your Sidewalk device. You can also create a new device profile, or choose an existing profile for your Sidewalk device.

    1. Specify a device name and optional description. The description can be up to 2,048 characters long. These fields can be edited after you create the device.

    2. Choose a device profile to associate with your Sidewalk device. If you have any existing device profiles, you can choose your profile. To create a new profile, choose Create new profile, and then enter a name for the profile.


      To attach tags to your device profile, after you create your profile, go to the Profiles hub and then edit your profile to add this information.

    3. Specify the name of your destination that will route messages from your device to other Amazon Web Services. If you haven't already created a destination, go to the Destinations hub to create your destination. You can then choose that destination for your Sidewalk device. For more information, see Add a destination for your Sidewalk end device.

    4. Choose Next to continue adding your Sidewalk device.

  2. Associate Sidewalk device with Amazon IoT thing (Optional)

    You can optionally associate your Sidewalk device to an Amazon IoT thing. IoT things are entries in the Amazon IoT device registry. Things make it easier to search and manage your devices. Associating a thing with your device lets your device access other Amazon IoT Core features.

    To associate your device with a thing, choose Automatic thing registration.

    1. Enter a unique name for the IoT thing that you want to associate your Sidewalk device. Thing names are case sensitive and must be unique in your Amazon Web Services account and Amazon Web Services Region.

    2. Provide any additional configurations for your IoT thing, such as using a thing type, or searchable attributes that can be used to filter from a list of things.

    3. Choose Next and verify the information about your Sidewalk device, and then choose Create.

Add your Sidewalk device (CLI)

To add your Sidewalk device and download the JSON files that will be used to provision your Sidewalk device, perform the following API operations.

Step 1: Create a device profile

To create a device profile in your Amazon Web Services account, use the CreateDeviceProfile API operation or the create-device-profile CLI command. When creating your device profile, specify the name and provide any optional tags as name-value pairs.

For example, the following command creates a device profile for your Sidewalk devices:

aws iotwireless create-device-profile \ --name sidewalk_profile --sidewalk {}

Running this command returns the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) and the ID of the device profile as output.

{ "DeviceProfileArn": "arn:aws:iotwireless:us-east-1:123456789012:DeviceProfile/12345678-a1b2-3c45-67d8-e90fa1b2c34d", "DeviceProfileId": "12345678-a1b2-3c45-67d8-e90fa1b2c34d" }

Step 2: Add your Sidewalk device

To add your Sidewalk device to your account for Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk, use the CreateWirelessDevice API operation or the create-wireless-device CLI command. When creating your device, specify the following parameters, in addition to an optional name and description for your Sidewalk device.


If you want to associate your Sidewalk device with an Amazon IoT thing, use the AssociateWirelessDeviceWithThing API operation or the associate-wireless-device-with-thing CLI command. For more information, see Associate Sidewalk end devices in your Amazon Web Services account to an IoT thing.

The following command shows an example of creating a Sidewalk device:

aws iotwireless create-wireless-device \ --cli-input-json "file://device.json"

The following shows the contents of the file device.json.

Contents of device.json

{ "Type": "Sidewalk", "Name": "SidewalkDevice", "DestinationName": "SidewalkDestination", "Sidewalk": { "DeviceProfileId": "12345678-a1b2-3c45-67d8-e90fa1b2c34d" } }

Running this command returns the device ID and Amazon Resource Name (ARN) as output.

{ "Arn": "arn:aws:iotwireless:us-east-1:123456789012:WirelessDevice/23456789-abcd-0123-bcde-fabc012345678", "Id": "23456789-abcd-0123-bcde-fabc012345678" }